Fundraising Announcement - Food Banks Canada / Canada Helps - Waste'n WaterTech Matching $1 for $1


Waste'n WaterTech Ltd. (WWT) and our following Manufacturers are leading a Western Canadian initiative to raise $30,000 for Food Banks Canada's Covid-19 Response Fund.

  • Aqua-Aerobic Systems
  • Boerger Pumps
  • JDV Equipment
  • Neutralox Photoionization
  • World Water Works
The goal is to incentivize you all to donate as little as $5 and we will match dollar-for-dollar to a maximum of $15K, for a total of $30K.

COVID19 has devastated the world, and no one country has escaped its wrath. In Canada, over seven million people are out of work, businesses are closing daily and the horizon does not shine an optimistic light. Fortunately, our industry has been only minimally affected compared to others. In fact, WWT have seen monies returned/refunded for airfare, car rentals, hotels and conference fees... all budgeted for this year.

Though not completely untouched, we at Waste'n WaterTech have determined to headline this fundraiser to raise this money for Food Bank Canada’s COVID-19 Response Fund. We believe that this cause will immediately support those most in need today, and carrying forward, as we emerge from this pandemic. We also want to highlight the water, wastewater and biosolids industries and their daily efforts and commitments to provide a safe, healthy environment for everyone.

Stay safe, donate here!