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ROBOX evolution

Robox evolutionROBOX evolution is an integrated compression unit designed to convey gas at low pressure, based on the RBS lobe positive displacement rotary lobe blower, operated by an electric motor through a special belt drive, including all accessories and noise enclosure.

These characteristics reduce: system costs thanks to the optimisation of space; running costs thanks to the low energy consumption and to the exclusion of all standstill risks ensured by the innovative electronic control system SENTINEL; maintenance costs thanks to the easy access to all parts for normal service operations.

Silent operation: The emitted sound level is in fact 7 dB(A) lower than the previous series, in all operating conditions.

Simple inspection: all the maintenance operations are performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel.

Monitored operation: ROBOX evolution is ready-to-fit the exclusive SENTINEL electronic monitoring system.

Compact: it has reduced dimensions and limited overall sizes. For this reason several ROBOX evolution can be placed side by side thereby significantly reducing the space they require and therefore the dimensions of the blower room.

ROBOX evolution in the ATEX version, available on request.


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Robuschi: Biogas Blowers Robuschi: Biogas Blowers (661 KB)





The new ROBOX evolution, especially developed for the conveying and compression of biogas, as well as natural and landfill gases in power generation plants. This special Unit for BIOGAS application maintains all the innovative characteristics of the ROBOX evolution: silence, compactness, and easy maintenance.

The ROBOX evolution for BIOGAS application has also been certified according to the most important and recent EC guideline 94/9/EC (ATEX) – group II in category 2, in order to guarantee the best safety usage in this range of application.

The following components are available in addition to the standard version:

Sound enclosure.
 ·Start up valve with unloading device.
 ·Stainless steel gas humidity drainage system with tank.



ROBOX evolution BIOGAS 1 with blowers from RBS 15 to RBS 35
ROBOX evolution BIOGAS with blowers from RBS 35 to RBS 65
ROBOX evolution BIOGAS 3 with blowers from RBS 65 to RBS 86


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Robuschi: Robox Evolution Biogas Robuschi: Robox Evolution Biogas (433 KB)