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  • Eutek Grit Snail
  • Eutek Slurry Cup

Grit Dewatering: Eutek Grit Snail - 60% Dewatering Guarantee

Grit Dewatering: Eutek Grit SnailSlow moving belt retains fine grit for dewatering. A durable design offers a long product life with low maintenance.

Municipal wastewater plants with combined sewers or industrial loads will require greater dewatering capacity. Different sizes of Eutek Grit Snail® units, or multiple Eutek Grit Snail® units can be configured to match any grit load.

The Eutek Grit Snail® design includes an abrasion-resistant belt housing and components with no metal-to-metal contact. The variable frequency drive adjusts belt speed to match changing grit loads. The torque-limiting clutch protects the drive system and belt from mechanical overload.


  • Non-turbulent dewatering for clean grit output from a Eutek SlurryCup™ or Eutek TeaCup® System


Grit Dewatering: Eutek Grit Snail
  • Slow-moving belt minimzes turbulence to help retain fine grit
  • Durable design provides a long product life
  • Output grit from a Hydro washing system contains low organic material, reducing odor concerns
  • Dewatered grit contains low water content, reducing landfill costs


Grit and fine abrasives are discharged by a grit washing unit into the Eutek Grit Snail® clarifier, where they settle onto the slow-moving stepped cleats. The captured solids are gently lifted out of the clarifier at 1-5 feet per minute. Degritted water flows out of the clarifier via an overflow weir. Dewatering begins as the grit and fine abrasives are quiescently raised from the clarifier pool to retain fine grit. The dewatered abrasives are carried to the top of the Eutek Grit Snail®, where they are discharged into a disposal container for landfilling.

A slow moving cleated belt gently escalates the grit from the clarifier, retaining fine grit, unlike turbulent dewatering systems which reintroduce captured grit back into the plant. The Eutek Grit Snail® is designed for durability and ease of maintenance, resulting in a very long product life and trouble-free operation.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • NEMA 4X valves & stainless steel control panel
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Belt rinse system

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Hydro International: Grit Snail™ Hydro International: Grit Snail™ (1382 KB)

Grit Washing: Eutek Slurrycup - 80% Organics Removal Guarantee

Grit Washing: Eutek SlurrycupThe "all-hydraulic" design of the Eutek SlurryCup™ has no internal moving parts, which increases reliability. Two levels of "washing" produces clean grit ready for dewatering.

The Eutek SlurryCup™ is extremely effective at washing grit captured at the preliminary treatment stage by the grit channel, aerated grit chamber, vortex grit collector, or grit separator. The Eutek SlurryCup™ minimizes organic content which reduces objectionable odors and reduces the volume hauled to landfill. The Eutek SlurryCup™ meets the challenges of separating and classifying grit as small as 75 micron (200 mesh).

Sludge Degritting Solution

Primary sludge degritting minimizes deposits in anaerobic digesters and reduces abrasive wear on pumps, centrifuges, and other downstream equipment. This can be the most economical location in a wastewater treatment plant to remove grit. The Eutek SlurryCup™ uses two levels of separation and classification to capture and wash very fine grit, as small as 75 micron sand, from primary sludge up to 1.5% total solids.

Grit Washing: Eutek SlurrycupApplications

  • Sludge degritting
  • Grit washing


  • Increasing performance as flows increase
  • All hydraulic, non-mechanical design with no internal moving parts
  • Compact design
  • Simple to operate
  • Cost effective and easy to install

Grit Washing: Eutek SlurrycupOperation:

The Eutek SlurryCup™ uses a combination of an open free vortex and the accelerated gravity boundary layer effect to capture, classify, and remove fine grit, sugar sand, and high density fixed solids from grit slurries, and both primary and secondary sludge.

The grit underflow from the Eutek SlurryCup™ passes through a hydraulic valve which provides secondary grit washing. The cleaned grit slurry, when dewatered by a Eutek Grit Snail®, contains 60% total solids with less than 15% organic (VS) solids in headworks applications. Reduced organic solids content minimizes the volume and weight hauled to solid waste disposal sites. It also reduces odors and associated complaints

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Hydro International: SlurryCup™ Hydro International: SlurryCup™ (1742 KB)