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EDI's IDEAL™ Lagoon System

The Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration Lagoon, or IDEAL, consists of an EDI floating lateral aeration system with Magnum fine bubble diffusers, two chains of BioReef BioCurtain, a static decanter with flow control valves, an overflow pipe with Storm Mode™, process controls, and a blower package. The simple operation of the IDEAL provides easy, cost-effective operation while the sophistication of the design provides high levels of BOD, TSS and ammonia removal.

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Fine Bubble Diffuser

EDI's FlexAir® fine bubble diffuser line consists of three physical configurations: discs, tubes, and mini-panels. EDI will help you determine which of these product configurations makes the most sense for your application. EDI also offers their FlexAir® Streamline™ aeration solution, which utlizes innovative integral diffusers, tubular membranes and inline support components to deliver a new level of simplicity and service life never before available.

Coarse Bubble Diffuser

EDI has four coarse bubble diffusers to choose from:

  • EDI MaxAir™ diffuser provides broad band, coarse bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency.
  • EDI MaxAir™ SS diffuser, with the same benefits of the regular MaxAir™, but in stainless steel.
  • EDI PermaCap™ diffusers, which are ideal for aeration applications where intermittent coarse bubble operation is desired.
  • EDI FlexCap™ diffusers, which are particularly well suited for single drop pipe installations in package treatment plants and channel aeration.


Symphony is operated by two core products that, together or individually, focus on the optimization of aeration and secondary treatment of wastewater. 

Predictive Aeration Logic (PAL)

An advanced aeration control system to effectively control the residual dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in each aerobic zone of an activated sludge wastewater treatment process.

The Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization Systems (BIOS)

The BIOS is an integrated hardware and software system that enables real-time monitoring and control of wastewater treatment operations based on the dynamically changing biological activity occurring in the bioreactor. The BIOS controls the secondary treatment process to provide optimal conditions for microbial treatment.



The Mazzei AIRJECTION® Wastewater Aeration System utilizes the patented Mazzei® Injector to introduce air into a pumped recycled water stream. This makes the AIRJECTION® System an aeration system that works without blowers, and with no moving parts in the tank, offering years of trouble-free operation.


RBS Blowers

P. D. Blowers - Low pressure 3 lobe rotary blower with LOW PULSE patented system, to eliminate pressure and delivery pulsation.
Capacity up to 25.000 m³/h

RBS is the innovative positive displacement rotary blower with 3 special profile lobes that, combined with a new configuration of the LOW-PULSE system, reduces the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas below 2% of the operating pressure.

Safety: the perfect operation of the gears is guaranteed by the oil splash lubrication system with discs coupled to the drive shaft.

Long life bearings: reinforced rolling type, calculated for a theoretical lifespan of 100,000 hours under the most severe operating conditions.

Peak volumetric efficiency: the ground profile of the rotors ensures extremely reduced clearances.

Strong and silent: helical tooth synchronising gear with ground surfaces and involute profile.

Reliability and efficacy: the gas seal on the rotor shafts is guaranteed by a labyrinth seal coupled to oil splash discs and ensures the flow of oil free gas maintaining its long lasting efficiency not having parts that are subjected to wear.

High performance: oversized shafts that allow higher operating pressures and greater rotation speeds. RBS in ATEX version, available on request


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Robuschi: Blower Brochure Robuschi: Blower Brochure (2056 KB)


RBS Special Blowers

P. D. blowers in special operations - Low pressure 3 lobe rotary blower in cooled operation, with special coating and in stainless steel.
Capacity up to 25.000 m³/h


The blower is equipped with two cooling coils that keep the oil temperature below 100°C in all operating conditions. This version is recommended when the gas discharge temperature exceeds 140°C. Available only from the RBS 75 size in the vertical version – V.
Range: from RBS 75 to RBS 155



Two types of coating are available for parts in contact with the conveyed liquid (casing, sides and rotors) when aggressive:
• Synthetic resin based: prevents the contamination of parts from the conveyed gas.
• Nickel and phosphorus alloy: prevents the chemical aggression of parts from the conveyed gas. (always contact Robuschi to check if suitable)
Range: from RBS 15 to RBS 225



The blower is realised with casing and rotors in AISI 316, in order to avoid the corrosion processes. It is suitable for heavy duty applications, like as in the industrial evaporation processes and in the waste water treatment.
Range: RBS 85, RBS 105, RBS 125 e RBS 145

(Capacity from 340 to 9800 m³/h )




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Robuschi: Blower Brochure Robuschi: Blower Brochure (2056 KB)