Project Completion

Gimli WWTP Odour Control – 2021

Birchtree Consulting, Alliance Engineering and KGS Group had to find a solution to the extreme H2S issues that the RM of Gimli, MB were facing at their wastewater treatment plant. They came to Waste’n WaterTech to take on the challenge and with the help of the Neutralox Photoionization technology, installed a system capable of removing over 99% of H2S even when peak concentrations reach 150 ppm. The Photoionization Unit is currently undergoing it’s final performance testing, and community odour complaints have ceased since it was put into operation in early March 2021.

Gimli, located on the West Side of Lake Winnipeg, was first settled by immigrants from Iceland, who arrived in the area in 1875.   Gimli means “heavenly abode” or “home of the Gods” in Icelandic .  Gimli harbour is the largest on Lake Winnipeg, constructed in 1898 with the first permanent dock in 1900.  It is home to a Canadian Coast Guard station and their ship, the CCGA Vakta.   It is famous for the Gimli Glider, an Air Canada 767 plane that glided in for a landing when it ran out of fuel over Southern Manitoba in 1983.  Held since 1932, the yearly Gimli Icelandic Festival, attracts thousands the first weekend in August.  Known as a tourist and vacation area, Gimli welcomes you to enjoy the beaches, sailing and fishing.

The Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are located on the site of the former Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) training base.  Thousands of young pilots trained here including our Founder/Chairman Dave Van Vliet’s father, Flight Lieutenant Rocky Van Vliet.  He is seen below with the RCAF Golden Hawks and with a CF 104 Starfighter; he successfully ejected out of one over France in 1964!