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Our Company

Waste ‘n WaterTech has grown and evolved over the last 20 years, and now stands out in Western Canada as having the best collection of water and wastewater treatment technologies represented by a single company.

The companies we represent are world class

The technologies they offer are cutting edge.

The products they build are top quality!

The service they offer is second to none.

Waste ‘n WaterTech has the solution to any of your water and wastewater treatment needs... contact us now!

Our Team

Waste ‘n WaterTech is more than just a portal to the companies it represents. The company is comprised of engineers that are in this business because they “get” the business. 

They get when things are urgent

They get how each piece of equipment fits within the greater scheme of treatment

They get that things don’t always go right, but they always need to be made right.

Their knowledge and experience are complemented by their intent to exceed the client’s expectations.

contact us now!

Our recent team building event had us working together better than ever leading to a win in our Locked Room event!