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AqufyPolymerSystem Aquafy-Mixing-Chamber

Aquafy offers both dry and emulsion polymer makedown and feed systems.

Both Aquafy’s dry and emulsion polymer systems use high shear mixing technology that provides the most effective polymer dispersion on the market. This results in less polymer usage and lower operating costs. In addition, polymer makedown can be done to a higher concentration – reducing potable water consumption, and allowing for smaller tanks, mixers, and pumps thus decreasing the overall footprint.

Aquafy can also design a dry polymer system that can be used with both dry or emulsion polymer, offering significant flexibility to the end user.

BlueInGreen provides the most efficient gas dissolution technology available on the market and their CDOX and StreamLineCO2 systems are no exception. BlueInGreen’s CO2 dissolution system utilizes the smallest carrier stream in the industry and efficiently dissolves carbon dioxide in a sidestream process. Benefits include superior transfer efficiency at 99%, 40% less CO2 usage, 90% less carrier water usage, and overall annual cost savings.

This system can be used for many applications ranging from simple in-process pH adjustment and alkalinity addition to large recarbonation projects.

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Tell us about your challenge.

Tell us about your challenge.

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