Our Company History

WaterTech Timeline

In the beginning…

Larry Sagstuen started Pieces O’Eight with sales of equipment to the oil field in Alberta.

Pieces O’Eight becomes B&L Watertech

Brian Clarke partnered with Larry, expanding sales of equipment for water and wastewater treatment in Alberta and Saskatchewan. They changed the name of the company to B&L Watertech.

Exclusively involved in Water & Wastewater

B&L Watertech became exclusively involved in Water and Wastewater, now representing several manufacturers including Vaughan Chopper Pumps and Eutek Grit Systems.

Breaking Ground – Rotamix and Eutek…
Breaking Ground – Rotamix and Eutek…

Saskatoon installs the first major Vaughan Rotamix AND first major Hydro (Eutek) grit removal system in Western Canada.

B&L Watertech becomes BD WaterTech
B&L Watertech becomes BD WaterTech

Dave Van Vliet and Brian became sole partners, changed the company name to BD WaterTech focused solely on water, wastewater and biosolids treatment.

In 2006, the company expanded to British Columbia.

Becoming known in Western Canada

In 2008, the business expanded to Manitoba and Northern Ontario and started representing Aquionics UV.

Hydro International acquired Eutek Systems.

Brian and Dave introduced their line card to Western Canada.

Project highlights:

  1. Pine Creek WWTP – DSST Mixing (Vaughan Rotamix)
  2. Suncor Voyageur WTP – UV Disinfection (Aquionics – first InLine in Western Canada)
BD WaterTech becomes Waste’n WaterTech

In 2009, Dave purchased Brian’s shares and changed the name to Waste’n WaterTech.

Fournier Industries was added to the line card.

Project highlights:

  1. Huchems Fine Chemical – Busan, South Korea (IFAS/DAF)
  2. Fort Macleod WWTP (Eutek Grit System, IPEC Screen, Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  3. Glenmore WTP Residuals (Vaughan Rotamix)
Growth And Expansion!

We launched our first website.

Dominic Janssen joined the WWT team!

We started representing Boerger Rotary Lobe Pumps and Macerators.

Project Highlights:

  1. Saskatoon WWTP (Vaughan Rotamix)
  2. Beaver River Lodge WTP (Aquionics UV)
  3. Drumheller WWTP (Hydro Grit System, Centrisys Centrifuge, Boerger RL Pumps, Vaughan Chopper Pumps, Polymer Feed System, Secondary Clarifiers, Digester Cover)
  4. Lion’s Gate WWTP (Vaughan Rotamix)
  5. Lloydminster WWTP (Headworks Bar Screens)
Moving into the Prairies

Dominic established a presence in Winnipeg.

We started representing Aslan Technologies.

Project Highlights:

  1. Dryden WWTP (Hydro Grit System)
  2. Winnipeg NEWPCC (Vaughan Rotamix)
  3. Kelowna Gyro LS (Vaughan Chopper Pump)
Summer students prove to be a great asset!

In 2012, Kiel Pedersen became a summer student right out of high school. He returned for three summers and started full time with WWT in 2018.

We started representing JDV Equipment.

Project Highlights:

  1. Bonnybrook WWTP (Hydro Grit System and JDV Conveyors)
  2. Red Deer WWTP Upgrade (Hydro Grit System, Vaughan Chopper Pumps and Digester/FOG/Sludge Blend Rotamix)
  3. Suncor Fort Hills EQ Tanks and Pumphouse (Tank Connection Bolted Steel Tanks, Vaughan Recirculation Pumps and Mazzei Aeration)
  4. Kamloops WWTP (Krofta DAF Package)
Calgary Flood – Redcross Fundraiser

WWT’s larger team allowed for us to help out the Canadian Red Cross after the 2013 flood.

Kim Sivertson joined the team.

We started representing Neutralox and World Water Works.

Project highlights:

  1. Harrison Hot Springs WTP (Aslan UF)
  2. Evan Thomas WWTP (IPEC Screens, Vaughan Chopper Pumps, KSB Pumps, Boerger Pumps, Aerzen Blowers)
  3. Anzac WWTP (IPEC Screens, Vaughan Chopper Pumps, KSB Pumps, Hydro Grit System, Aerzen Blowers)
  4. Valleyfield Receiving Station Odour Control (Neutralox PI)
  5. Winnipeg NEWPCC (Vaughan Digester Rotamix)
Our Growing Team

Deirdre Moran started full time right out of U Vic.

Co-op students, including Kiel Pedersen supported the summer workload.

We formalized rep agreements with Cambi and JDV Equipment.

Project highlights:

  1. Ladysmith WWTP MBBR/DAF (World Water Works)
  2. Canmore Lift Stations – EPCOR Upgrades (Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
Staying the Course

Oil prices plunged, heavily impacting Western Canada. WWT adjusted to a new economic reality.

We added Charter Machine Company and Thermal Process Systems to our line card.

Project highlights:

  1. Regina WWTP Design/Build (Vaughan Rotamix, Boerger Sludge Macerators, KSB Effluent Pumps)
  2. Headingly Correctional Centre (Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  3. Bonnybrook FOG (Vaughan Rotamix, IPEC Receiving Station)
  4. Lion’s Gate WWTP (Monroe Gravity Thickener)
20 Years in Business!

In 2016, we celebrated 20 years in business with a huge rebound from 2015.

Trades shows continued to advance relationships with our customers.

Project highlights:

  1. Bonnybrook WWTP THP Digester Mixing (Vaughan Rotamix)
  2. Iona WWTP Sludge Degritting (Hydro Slurry Cup / Snail and Sludge Screens)
  3. Langdon WWTP Dewatering (Fournier Rotary Press)
  4. Bonnybrook WWTP Thermal Hydrolysis (Cambi THP)
  5. Goldbar WWTP (Headworks Screens)
  6. Caddy Lake WTP (Aslan UF)
Continuing to Expand Our Line Card

This year was momentous for expanding our line card, adding Aquafy, SavEco (Enviro-Care), Flottweg and Suez UV.

Dominic moved to Calgary from Winnipeg.

Project highlights:

  1. BC Transit WWTP (newterra UF)
  2. Burgoyne Bay Septage (IPEC Receiving, Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  3. Gimli WWTP Dewatering (Centrifuge, JDV Conveyor)
Introducing Global Technologies to Western Canada

2018 was a year for even more trade shows and team building.

Kiel Pedersen began his full time position after graduating from U Ottawa.

The entire team made the trip to New Orleans for WEFTEC.

The Calgary office was bustling with “bring my dog to work days” :)

After several years of dogged pursuit, Nereda Aerobic Granular Sludge technology is introduced to Canada.

WWT expands into Ontario with the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process, partnering with Aquafy.

John Cockerill (CMI) odour control gets added to the line card.

Project highlights:

  1. Elkview Teck Resources (BlueInGreen Carbonation)
  2. Clover Point PS (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens)
  3. North Shore WWTP (Hydro Grit, AASI MegaDisk)
  4. Winnipeg SEWPCC (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens/Compactors, Boerger/Vaughan Pumps)
  5. Lethbridge WWTP Headworks (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens/Compactors, Boerger/Vaughan Pumps, JDV Conveyors)
  6. Lethbridge WTP Residuals (Fournier Rotary Press, Boerger Pumps)
  7. Gimli Odour (Neutralox PI)
  8. Thompson WWTP (Hydro Grit)
  9. Iqaluit WWTP (SPECO Screw Screens)
Radical Innovation!

Added Aqua-Aerobic Systems biological processes to perfect our line card!

Innovative Infrastructure Integration via OxyMEM MABR.

Convert FOG to Fuel with Greasezilla.

Amazing hires Connie Bullock (Parts) and Jordan Hrupp (Service) launch a new vision for parts and service.

Project highlights:

  1. North Shore WWTP (JDV Gas Holder)
  2. McLoughlin Point WWTP (AASI MegaDisk, Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  3. CRD Residuals (Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  4. Iona WWTP Biosolids Dewatering Design/ Build (Flottweg Centrifuges, Aquafy Polymer Feed)
  5. Yukon WTP (Aslan UF)
  6. Peace River WWTP (Fournier Rotary Press)
  7. Vermillion WWTF (Hydro Grit)
  8. Red Deer WTP Residuals (Vaughan Rotamix, Boerger Pumps)
  9. Bonnybrook WWTP Plant D (Boerger Pumps)
  10. Bonnybrook WWTP (JDV Gas Holder)
  11. Selkirk WWTP (Hydro Grit, FSM Bar Screens/Wash Presses, SAVI Flow Drum, WAM Conveyors)
  12. Saskatoon WWTP (Vaughan Rotamix, JDV Heat Exchangers, Excelsior Gas Blowers)
  13. Lumsden WWTP (Vaughan Chopper Pumps, JDV Rotary Drum Thickener)
You’re on Mute – Business NOT as Usual!

Fortunate to be an essential service to utilities; we rallied the troops, hosted an online fundraiser and matching $1 for $1 raised $30K for Food Banks Canada.

Because we weren’t travelling, we focused on developing a new website that we are very proud of.

Kiel welcomed a baby girl and Deirdre welcomed a baby boy to their respective families :)

Kevin Richardson joined the team after graduating from UBC Okanagan.

Added BioForceTech and Excelsior Blower Systems to our line card.

Project highlights:

  1. North Shore WWTP (Boerger Macerators, Vaughan Rotamix)
  2. St Paul WWTP (Hydro Grit)
  3. IPL Facility (Aslan Chem Dosing)
  4. Chestermere LS 13 (BlueInGreen Pilot)
  5. Huu-Ay-Aht FN WWTP (WWW DAF, Neutralox PI)
25 Years in Business!
25 Years in Business!

We are so excited to be celebrating 25 years in business! Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter!

First AquaNereda Pilot in Canada – Salmon Arm, BC!

Project highlights so far:

  1. Saanich WWTP Dewatering (Fournier Rotary Press)
  2. Sicamous WWTP (AASI Disk Filters)
  3. Frank WWTP (Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  4. NW Langley WWTP (Hydro Grit, FSM Wash Presses)