2018 was a year for even more trade shows and team building.

Kiel Pedersen began his full time position after graduating from U Ottawa.

The entire team made the trip to New Orleans for WEFTEC.

The Calgary office was bustling with “bring my dog to work days” :)

After several years of dogged pursuit, Nereda Aerobic Granular Sludge technology is introduced to Canada.

WWT expands into Ontario with the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process, partnering with Aquafy.

John Cockerill (CMI) odour control gets added to the line card.

Project highlights:

  1. Elkview Teck Resources (BlueInGreen Carbonation)
  2. Clover Point PS (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens)
  3. North Shore WWTP (Hydro Grit, AASI MegaDisk)
  4. Winnipeg SEWPCC (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens/Compactors, Boerger/Vaughan Pumps)
  5. Lethbridge WWTP Headworks (Hydro Grit, FSM Screens/Compactors, Boerger/Vaughan Pumps, JDV Conveyors)
  6. Lethbridge WTP Residuals (Fournier Rotary Press, Boerger Pumps)
  7. Gimli Odour (Neutralox PI)
  8. Thompson WWTP (Hydro Grit)
  9. Iqaluit WWTP (SPECO Screw Screens)