Added Aqua-Aerobic Systems biological processes to perfect our line card!

Innovative Infrastructure Integration via OxyMEM MABR.

Convert FOG to Fuel with Greasezilla.

Amazing hires Connie Bullock (Parts) and Jordan Hrupp (Service) launch a new vision for parts and service.

Project highlights:

  1. North Shore WWTP (JDV Gas Holder)
  2. McLoughlin Point WWTP (AASI MegaDisk, Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  3. CRD Residuals (Vaughan Chopper Pumps)
  4. Iona WWTP Biosolids Dewatering Design/ Build (Flottweg Centrifuges, Aquafy Polymer Feed)
  5. Yukon WTP (Aslan UF)
  6. Peace River WWTP (Fournier Rotary Press)
  7. Vermillion WWTF (Hydro Grit)
  8. Red Deer WTP Residuals (Vaughan Rotamix, Boerger Pumps)
  9. Bonnybrook WWTP Plant D (Boerger Pumps)
  10. Bonnybrook WWTP (JDV Gas Holder)
  11. Selkirk WWTP (Hydro Grit, FSM Bar Screens/Wash Presses, SAVI Flow Drum, WAM Conveyors)
  12. Saskatoon WWTP (Vaughan Rotamix, JDV Heat Exchangers, Excelsior Gas Blowers)
  13. Lumsden WWTP (Vaughan Chopper Pumps, JDV Rotary Drum Thickener)