Fortunate to be an essential service to utilities; we rallied the troops, hosted an online fundraiser and matching $1 for $1 raised $30K for Food Banks Canada.

Because we weren’t travelling, we focused on developing a new website that we are very proud of.

Kiel welcomed a baby girl and Deirdre welcomed a baby boy to their respective families :)

Kevin Richardson joined the team after graduating from UBC Okanagan.

Added BioForceTech and Excelsior Blower Systems to our line card.

Project highlights:

  1. North Shore WWTP (Boerger Macerators, Vaughan Rotamix)
  2. St Paul WWTP (Hydro Grit)
  3. IPL Facility (Aslan Chem Dosing)
  4. Chestermere LS 13 (BlueInGreen Pilot)
  5. Huu-Ay-Aht FN WWTP (WWW DAF, Neutralox PI)