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Aslan Technologies’ long history of water treatment makes them the ideal choice for implementing your process needs. Whether you need a design/build package solution or just the design and supply of components in a system designed by others, they will take care of all of the integrating process, storage (pressurized tanks or clear well), pumping, flow measurement (magnetic or positive displacement flowmeters), sanitization (UV, chlorination), electrical, instrumentation and SCADA systems. It’s not just about picking and assembling parts, it’s making an entire system work together – that’s what Aslan does best!

Aslan has designed and installed water treatment and pump station systems ranging from 9 to 110 l/s (larger flow rates are available). A pump station can be integrated into new or existing water plants or can be designed as standalone stations with a standby generator and/or local and remote data logging all connected with either land line, cell or satellite based alarm stations.

Aslan can create the design or work with local Engineering or General Contracting firms on all aspects of the electrical, instrumentation, pumping and piping infrastructure for water treatment or pumping stations. This ensures that all of the system components are properly integrated. Aslan can then follow through with the construction, and installation if required - one point of responsibility to guarantee a robust, reliable system. No finger pointing!

Drinking water installations of both surface and well water applications include numerous resort, rural residential communities and golf clubhouse facilities ranging from 30 to 3000+ dwellings equivalent. All drinking water systems are designed to ensure compliance with local drinking water standards.

Aslan provides these pre-packaged water systems to greatly simplify installation, increase reliability, and enhance training.

Aslan currently has numerous pre-packaged systems for embassies in South and Central America, Africa and Asia, in addition to its many locations across Canada - in both permanent and mobile applications.


Standard Filtration

Cleaning up water is like making a wooden table. You start with rough cut lumber and work your way to progressively finer sand paper. Water filtration works in a similar way. You remove the ‘chunks’ with screens then begin polishing with finer and finer filtration. Aslan Technologies can select the appropriate processes to provide the best filtration in the fewest and most economical steps.

Membrane Filtration

Sometimes Standard Filtration just isn’t enough. Dissolved organics and inorganics need an extra level of filtration. Again, Aslan Technologies expertise can help you wade through the design trade-offs of each technology to select what is right for you.


Chemical Makedown, Mixing and Metering

Aslan’s experience in the manufacturing makedown, metering and feed systems is second to none! Whether you need to feed neat or made down chemicals, Aslan can provide the solution. Aslan has built thousands of systems using virtually every conceivable type of pump – diaphragm (solenoid, air and motor driven), gear, piston, peristaltic, progressive cavity – all sizes, all shapes. Prominent, Neptune, Grundfos, LMI, Iwaki, Wilden, ARO, Moyno, Netzsch and Seepex are just a few of the brands that we use to match your needs with the available technologies.

While the pump is the ‘heart’ of the system, the plumbing, valves, calibration cylinders, flowmeters, pressure indication, etc. are all elements to make a system safe and user friendly. Chemical compatibility is always an issue when metering different products. That’s why Aslan manufactures systems in stainless steel, steel, copper, PCV, Kynar, polyethylene, Teflon – whatever material it takes, Aslan can make it.

Chlorine feed systems, or any degassing product for that matter, requires extra attention to detail. Aslan has developed special techniques for handling these types of products. While degassing headed pumps are a given, they alone will not ensure trouble-free operation. Aslan will see to it that you receive the proper system with either a metering pump or a gas chlorine delivery system.

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