Polymer Feed Systems

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Dry Polymer Makedown System

In an effort to optimize Polymer preparation along with a key understanding of polymer chemistry, Aquafy Water Technologies Inc. has partnered with IKA® Works, Inc. to offer the latest innovation in dry polymer makedown technology. Aquafy offers a complete turnkey polymer makedown system consisting of a disperser (polymer wetting system), powder feeder, powder handling, low shear mixing, and instrumentation all controlled by a master PLC based control panel.

Polymer makedown equipment manufacturers offer conventional wetting/mixing technologies in an effort to minimize one time capital costs. Available equipment simply prepares dilute polymer solutions with little thought placed on polymer hydration optimization and efficiencies and subsequent operating costs. At Aquafy, we feel this is a tremendous disservice to the customer and results in unnecessary costs.


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Aquafy Dry polymer Aquafy Dry polymer (955 KB)

Emulsion Polymer Makedown System

With over 15 years of design and practical hands-on experience, Aquafy can offer innovative solutions for your polymer system project. The emulsion polymer makedown equipment is designed to efficiently prepare polymer solution with no polymer wastage. Enhanced process performance, reduced water and energy demand, and minimal chemical consumption are the direct benefits.

The Aquafy emulsion polymer system uses a high shear dispersion chamber to effectively disperse the emulsion polymer into the dilution water. Completely independent of the dilution water flow rate, the high shear mixing energy is imparted onto the polymer particles at the moment of initial wetting thereby preventing the formation of agglomerations and "fish-eyes". By accomplishing efficient dispersion whereby the polymer particles are each surrounded by a layer of water, the hydration time is considerably shortened. The polymer particles are only exposed to the high shear energy for a very short period of time and only while in the "coiled" state. When the polymer molecules are uncoiling, exposing their charge sites, they are no longer in the presence of the high shear energy. The polymer makedown unit achieves approximately 80% of full polymer hydration.


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