Fine Screening

  • Enviro-Care SAVI
  • Enviro-Care SPECO
  • Enviro-Care FSM
  • Hydro

SAVI Flo-Drum

The Flo-Drum fine screen has an exceptionally high capture rate as proven by recent UK-WIR tests. Depending on screen media and opening, this screen can be a high performance wastewater screen or a highly efficient MBR pre-treatment screen.
The rotating drum’s triple seal, exterior cleaning brush and water spray enhance capture by keeping even small solids inside the screen drum.  Screenings captured on the interior of the drum surface are immediately deposited into the auger trough by a series of scoops lining the inside of the drum.  The auger moves the screenings out of the trough and on to washing and dewatering.

SPECO Wastemaster Screen

The basic system screens, conveys and dewaters the solids.The basic system screens, conveys and dewaters the solids.A screenings washing function can be added for cleaner, drier solids. As solids are removed from the incoming flow, they are conveyed either directly to dewatering or washed prior to dewatering. This self-contained system eliminates the need for additional pieces of equipment and reduces the volume of screenings up to 40% for lower disposal costs. Independent testing verified a 52% capture ratio for the Wastemaster™ 35° screen.

Wastemaster™ is also available as a vertical (90º) option as well as a mini screw screen for smaller flow application.

Wastemaster ScreenWastemaster 90

FSM Filter Screen

The FSM filter screen was developed to deal with particular problems associated with sewage pre-treatment plant.

Following successful trials, the first installation was equipped with this product in 1987.

Parallel to the increasing demands of users, FSM introduced modifications to the basic design. These have resulted in an optimum product for the preliminary treatment of waste water-providing high performance coupled with low operating costs. Thus, cleaning by brushes has been continually developed so as to keep the demand for service water to a minimum. There are now 2000 machines installed worldwide.


Hydro International


The Hydro MicroScreen™ is a low-energy, small-footprint rotating belt screen that delivers exceptional solids removal from process water and wastewater. Maintaining efficiency even at peak design flow rates, it enables operators to meet discharge requirements, increase efficiency and save money.

With screen sizes available from 50-2,000 µm that handle flows up to 3.1 MGD in a single unit, typical performance is:

  • Removal of 60-70% TSS, 30-40% BOD & 30-40% FOG
  • Total phosphorus reduction up to 10%
  • Discharged solids directly off screen are 2-4% TS
  • Can produce 30-50% TS when equipped with dewatering section and compression zone (no chemical addition)