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SPECO Wastemaster Combined Pre-Treatment System

The Wastemaster™ TSF-3 Combined Pre-treatment Plant is a complete, above-ground headworks requiring minimal space and civil works. This compact plant can be the only pre-treatment for a small plant or a way to increase pre-treatment capacity. It can also prevent overloading of downstream processes in any size plant. The standard SPECO® design utilizes a Wastemaster™ GCP screw screen. However, other screen types such as rotating drum or multi-rake designs are an option depending on the application.

With over 10-years of experience and 500 installations worldwide, SPECO’s application and technical knowledge ensures proper sizing and component selection for each specific application. The unique modular design allows this SPECO compact plant to be configured for standard or specialized pre-treatment applications. The SPECO Combined Pre-treatment Plant can be found processing wastewater, sludge, FOG and septage worldwide.

Wastemaster Combined Pre-Treatment PlantWastemaster Combined Pre-Treatment Plant

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