Tertiary Treatment

Ffive Star Filtration

Five Star Disk FilterDisc Filter


  • No rotating seals
  • Highest quality filtrate
  • Easy disk removal while system is operational
  • Filtrate discharge point for each disk
  • Un-interrupted flow during backwash cycle
  • Low backwash rate (typically <1%)
  • Low headloss (maximum 12")
  • High solids and hydraulic loading capacities, at the same time

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Five Star Filtration Brochure Five Star Filtration Brochure (2667 KB)

Sand Filter

The Five Star "Upflow" Sand Filter has been designed with one thing in mind performance. In virtually every application that involves granular media filtration, the UpFlow gravity sand filter is the best choice for the removal of suspended and colloidal solids. Designed as an upflow dynamic bed filter; the UpFlow provides a continuous supply of filtered water without interruptions for backwash cleaning cycles.

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Five Star Sand Filter Brochure Five Star Sand Filter Brochure (2114 KB)