Lethbridge WWTP Primary and Preliminary Treatment Upgrade

Waste’n WaterTech is proud to announce completion of our scope of supply and services for the Lethbridge WWTP Primary and Preliminary Treatment Upgrade. Working with Maple Reinders, we were responsible for the supply of most of the process equipment in the newly constructed 160 MLD headworks building. This included the following equipment from our vendors:
• Hydro International – Two Headcells, two SlurryCups, and two Grit Snails for grit handling.
• Vaughan Company – Two horizontal chopper pumps for primary scum as well as two submersible chopper pumps used as sump pumps in the headworks building.
• SAVECO – Three FSM Multi-Rake bar screens and screening wash presses for influent handling.
• Boerger LLC – Two rotary lobe pumps for primary sludge transfer.
• JDV Equipment– Six screw conveyors as well as a solids hopper for moving the screenings and grit to disposal bins.

This equipment has been operating since March 2020.