Waste’n WaterTech’s ambitious fundraiser was successful! Many thanks in the final days to Suer & Pollen and Canada Tank Solutions to push us to meet our $30,000 target. Special thanks to our partner manufacturers who helped us match $1 for $1 the $15,000 that was donated.

  • Aqua Aerobic Systems
  • Boerger Pumps
  • JDV Equipment
  • Neutralox Photoionization
  • World Water Works

The following are to be acknowledged for their donations:

Suer and Pollen
Canada Tank Solutions
Geoff Davenport
Dominic Janssen
Garry Mak
James Frian
Mike Seymour
Sandra Kotch
Robert Kulhawy
Doug Olsen
Jim Rea
John Helton
Jay Kulhawy
Kiel Pedersen
Natalie Wilson
John Fair
Balanced Bookkeeping
Andrew Dye
Connie Bullock
Russel Rice
Jennifer Peters
Birchtree Consulting
Don Shoaf
Preston Eng
Pat Herrick
iA Financial
Al and Charlene Trepanier
Deirdre Moran
Siz Medeiros
Michael Schaad
Lily and Ken Lee
Glen Sinclair
Karly Friesen
Jennifer Kennedy
Rick Landine
Jan Oleszkiewicz
Frank Scriver
Barry Rabinowitz
The Home Hunters
Kim Sivertsen
Douglas Brett
Dave Stuart
Ronald Lincz
Marshall Toner
Devan Van Vliet
Several Anonymous

Food Banks Canada has never been so busy. This result from the water, wastewater and biosolids sectors makes us proud of the industry friends we work with on a daily basis.

Stay safe and healthy.