Introducing Lemna

On December 2, 2022, Waste’n WaterTech signed a formal sales representative agreement with Lemna Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Lemna offers a full line of products that are tailored for a wide range of applications and designed to perform in the most trying environments. They bring to the Western Canadian market, the following Lemna Technologies Systems and Products:

LemTec™ Process Systems:

LemTec™ Lagoon-based Biological Treatment Process
LemTec™ Facultative Treatment Process
LemTec™ Lemna Post-Lagoon Ammonia Polishing Reactor

LemTec™ Products:

LemTec™ Modular Cover Systems
LemTec™ Lagoon Gas Collection Cover Systems
LemTec™ Phosphorus Removal System
Lemna Aeration Systems
Lemna Polishing Reactor
Lemna Hydraulic Baffle Systems
Lemna Filtration Products

Recognized as the market leader in lagoon-based process technology and cover systems, LET’s expertise encompasses all aspects of wastewater project development from conceptual design to final commissioning and ongoing customer support.