Another Vaughan Success Story!

At the end of 2019, we were approached by Mountain View Poultry in Okotoks. They had a problem with their existing pump that handled wastewater from chicken processing. The small submersible grinder pump appeared to be having issues handling the odd feather that would get in the system. On top of that, the submersible motors were routinely leaking and failing. Since the pump was submersible, any motor issue constituted a major repair or replacement. After years of issues, Mountain View Poultry was ready for an upgrade.

Based on the customer’s concerns and preferences, we suggested a Vaughan Vertical Wet Well Chopper Pump. Unlike grinder pumps, Vaughan’s Chopper pumps use a clean scissor action to rend the incoming solids. For fibrous objects like chicken feathers, this has the benefit of preventing buildup inside the pump. Build up can increase the power load and lead to premature wear in both the motor and the pump. The switch from submersible to vertical wet well meant that potential motor issues are more easily addressed, since the motor no longer needs to be watertight and can be repaired or replaced locally.

Since this would be operating outdoors during harsh Alberta winters, we also offered the pump with a below deck discharge so that the water could stay underground to prevent freezing, as well as space heaters in the motor which keep it warm enough to avoid condensation buildups when the temperature drops.

The pump has been in operation for over six months and there have been no problems with feathers. Mountain View Poultry is very happy with their Vaughan Chopper Pump and are in discussions with us to replace other pumps in the plant.